What you get

You have access to recordings of the complete syllabus, these HD recordings cover both tuition and revision, all syllabus areas are covered, leaving nothing for you to study on your own

You will receive:

  • Tutor support until midnight, seven days a week via phone or email,
  • Blank and Completed student notes for each subject,
  • A study text and workbook for each subject (UK postage included),
  • A revision kit with exam style questions and answers for each subject
  • Full admin support on non-academic matters

We will provide you with a personalised study programme (arranged when you enrol) to ensure you have realistic and workable targets, and we will help to keep you motivated.

Why study online?

You can start the course within 5 minutes of enrolling, no waiting for the next classroom based course to start.

Our courses are presented as though you were in a classroom environment, so you get all of the  benefits of a classroom based course, but none of the downsides. Being pre–recorded means you can watch each course when you want. Your tutor is available until midnight, seven days a week.

Each unit is taught in its entirety, and each area has its own presentation. You study one section at a time, and then move on when you are comfortable with that area. Should you need to re-visit an area you can do so, by simply watching the tutorial again.

You can study as quickly or slowly as you want. If you have spare time, you can study a whole unit as quickly as time permits, watch the revision tutorial, attempt the AAT official online practice exams and then sit the real exam immediately at your local exam centre.

You don’t need to take a day off work. You don’t need to travel to college after a full day at work. You have no travel costs and no stress of arriving late to class. You don’t miss a class because you are ill, or on holiday, or because of family or work commitments.

You have full contact with your tutor via email or phone.

Interest free instalments

All of our courses can be paid for by interest free instalments as follows

The Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping can be paid for by 2 monthly instalments of £150 = £300

The Foundation Certificate in Accounting can be paid for by 5 monthly instalments of £110 = £550

The Advanced Diploma in Accounting can be paid for by 5 monthly instalments of £140 = £700

The Professional Diploma in Accounting can be paid for by 5 monthly instalments of £180 = £900

The second to fifth payments will be charged to your card each month following your first payment.

Please note that our prices include UK postage, but do not include AAT student registration or AAT exam costs

We want you to achieve your targets, we want you to enjoy your studies, we want you to succeed!